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About collection, the guy finds out becoming so much more social and you may expands a matchmaking having friends and you can co-worker

About collection, the guy finds out becoming so much more social and you may expands a matchmaking having friends and you can co-worker

Hachiman is first a beneficial loner and no best friends which can be a social outcast. Alone he is personal having is their more youthful sister Komachi.


Hachiman features a bored but enjoying view of their parents. He believes their relationships excellent, but is bitter since the the guy believes Komachi becomes treated much better than simply he do once the she actually is the new “favourite” kid.

All of Hachiman’s moms and dads was unnamed and therefore are business gurus. They are usually both late performing or external powering chores. Hachiman takes into account them business slaves and you will would like to end you to life.

Hachiman is still distressed at the his mothers, because they hardly went along to him as he was at a medical facility following the car accident he had been in the. It had been mentioned they merely went along to towards the Thursdays. [citation needed]

Hachiman thought embarrassed to be on a family travel after middle university. Their mothers approved his choice without difficulty and you can went without your. That it crazy Hachiman, since the the guy expected they would try to chat your on heading. [citation needed]


Mr. Hikigaya is over defensive away from Komachi and you can relatively cares quicker for Hachiman. He stated that he commonly eliminate any son just who attempts to be alongside the woman, actually Hachiman.

The guy ordered a the game console . having Hachiman, but purchased the wrong that due to a keen unfamiliarity which have video clips online game. [citation needed]

They express a love of courses given that all the instructions inside the house fall into them. [citation needed] Nonetheless they show an over-protectiveness of Komachi.


His mommy is really caring, she often cleanses his place and you may requires him how his go out went. He considers their is instance Komachi. [1]

She cares to possess him of the tidy up his place rather than your also asking, placing a great blanket more your while you are he could be sleeping, and you can warning him never to be involved in other crash. She even planned and you can loaded his porno periodicals whenever clean in the place of bringing up something.

Hachiman is usually frustrated with his mother and you can thinks she does not particularly him as much as Komachi. He’s frustrated that she somehow misspelled his identity for the a birthday pie immediately following, she plus either provides money just to Komachi in the event that a couple of them go out together with her (it needs to be detailed Hachimans term might be spelled in different ways and new bakery is more than likely responsible. As well as Komachi was handed money to your all of them and you will Hachiman’s preconceptions made your imagine he had been getting believe less of). [citation needed]


Komachi claims their grand-parents are sweet and you will need spoil its grand-infants. Hachiman demonstrates to you which they become sweeter the help of its young granddaughter (Komachi). [2]

Komachi Hikigaya

Increasing upwards together lead to him or her wearing a close sister dating despite are polar opposites regarding personalities. As their mothers are mostly never ever household, Hachiman and Komachi invest much of its big date taking good care of each-most other at home which makes them also nearer.

Hachiman cares having their absolutely nothing sibling much. Many people, even Komachi, jokingly viewing your since the an excellent siscon for it. They are really defensive of their brother when he disapproves regarding the girl friendship which have boys, namely Taishi Kawasaki.

The two of them has actually a flowing gag in which they share their fascination with one another toward a “area program” where in actuality the a great deal more adorable the term otherwise action, the greater number of points they rating.

His rotten identification is one thing Komachi learned to handle, regardless if she’s the girl restrictions and certainly will become it really is bothered when Hachiman serves a bit significantly more indifferent so you can her than usual. She will be able to hold an effective grudge about this for days, she plus forgives him easily with just an enthusiastic apology toward his region.

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